Motor Care Engine Protector
Motor Care is a superb product for the care and protection of the engine compartment and has amongst many others, the following properties:

Care - The surfaces treated exhibit a fresh, attractive appearance. The product adheres strongly to the treated surfaces and thereby produces an enduring effect.

Protection - The protective film on the treated surfaces is strongly water repellent (hydrophobic) and also protects your engine’s metal and electrical connections metals against corrosion. Motor Care is resistant to extreme temperatures reached in the engine compartment with no loss of protection quality.

Lubricant - The product is effective as a lubricant and helps keep away dirt, grime and dust.

1) To protect the engine bay from corrosion on both ferrous and alloys components. 

2) To prevent access by water/ moisture in to electrical circuits and components.

3) To preserve the structural integrity of rubber pipes and components.

4) To give greater pleasure of ownership and in due course increase the resale value of the vehicle.

The entire under bonnet area.

Application Method:
Through a trigger spray pump with a fine and even mist over the entire engine compartment, including electrical components, battery terminal, etc.

Useful Life:
The period between routine servicing, which is usually between 10,000 to 15,000 kms.



  • Forms a resilient, water and damp-repellent film, which helps protect your engine’s metal and electrical contacts from rust and corrosion.
  • Protects, maintain and can help restore metal, aluminium, plastic and rubber parts as new.
  • Treatment helps keep painted and chromed surfaces in their original condition.
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