Transport and Storage Protection
Topwax-6 is a storage protection that beats the ravages of time by completely encasing items in a thin layer of wax providing the ultimate protection from aggressive environmental damage. To remove Waxoyl Professional Topwax-6 after the storage, simply pressure wash with hot water and reveal the item in pre-storage condition. Ideal for protecting cars, buses, utility vehicles, construction machines, tools, rail cars, ships and airplanes.
Complete transportation and storage protection against surface corrosion, UV damage and contaminants such as industrial fall out, tree sap, salt and acid rain.
Complete Protection for over 6 months.
Water-repellent - can also be applied to damp surfaces.
It contains no silicones or fluorocarbons, therefore paint may be applied directly after de-waxing
It is easily removed with a high-pressure steam cleaner.
Topwax-6 is intended for use as a short and medium term corrosion inhibitor. The product’s excellent film formation characteristics enable application to practically all surfaces. The most important applications are:
Transport and storage of vehicles, trucks, buses, etc.
Car paint protection during transportation.
Machinery components, tools, bulk metallic items.
Unpainted structural connectors.
Seaworthy protection.
Storage protection.
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