100 Plus Paint Sealant
Modern paint car finishes are usually made up of a primer layer followed by a base coat (colour) layer and finally for added protection and gloss – the clear coat (unpigmented) layer.

Seen under a microscope, automotive paint when dry forms a very rough surface similar to a miniature mountain range with peaks and valleys. Road grime will accumulate in these valleys and normal car wash solutions will not remove this soil. The sunlight, when striking this surface, is reflected unevenly causing absorption of ultraviolet rays. This leads to fading of the pigment, just as it leads to skin damage if you spend too many hours in the sun. Acid rain, industrial fallout and other foreign particles are able to penetrate the relatively large pores of the paint.

Although the modern clear coat paint system is more tolerant of everyday problems than conventional finishes of the past, it is still not a technology capable of combating the above environmental influences on its own.

100 Plus Paint Sealant from WAXOYL forms a hard, clear, smooth coating over the peaks and valleys of the paint finish. The mirror finish provided by 100 PLUS prevents the accumulation of road grime. This same mirror finish causes the UV rays to be reflected away from, rather then into, the pigment layer of the paint, thus preventing fading of the pigmentation. The extremely hard surface of 100 PLUS presents a virtually pore free coating, thus greatly reducing damage from acid rain and industrial fallout. This, coupled with the rust inhibitor contained in 100 PLUS prevents penetration of metal particles in to the paint, which then corrodes and cause paint “stains”.

1) To protect the paint from the ravages of UV (oxidizing) and atmospheric pollution.

2) To give a better pleasure of ownership and in due course to increase the resale value to the vehicle.

All visible exterior painted surfaces.

Application Method:
Via a one shot sponge applicator.

Useful Life:
Between 12 to 18 months, depending on how regularly one cleans their vehicle, frequency of exposure to external elements and basic general maintenance.

To ensure that your paint protection lasts longer, here are 3 simple regular maintenance tips :

Wash your car regularly – at least once every week is recommended – in the shade out of direct sunlight. Elevated paint temperatures cause the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spotting.

Wash your car with a good car shampoo (eg. Waxoyl Waxacid Shampoo) and with either a soft sheepskin or microfibre wash mitt. Dishwashing detergent is not recommended as they can strip off your vehicle’s sealant or wax protection. Washing your car with any old soft T-shirt or flannel cloth can still cause swirl marks and fine scratches.

Any sighted bird droppings, tree sap or dead insect residue should be cleaned off immediately. Due to their high acidity, the longer they are left on your paint’s exterior; it can eat away at your protective layer, subsequently clear coat and etch the paint’s surface.
Maximum protection against paintwork damage caused by oxidation, acid rain and industrial pollutants, thanks to its EPPSTM (Elastomeric Polymer Protection System) formula.
Reflects harmful UV rays thereby protecting your paint finish against fading.
Shines to a brilliant, deep, wet-looking finish while enhancing the clear coat.
Special hydrophobic formula encourages water to run off leaving minimal water beads.
Eliminates the frequent need for waxing and polishing, with a protection that stays active wash after wash.
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