Hardwax Flexible Underbody Sealer
Vehicles are prime targets for rust and the place oxidation or rusting occurs most often is hidden from view. With the right conditions, rust can happen rapidly, destroying not only the aesthetic quality of an object, but the structural integrity as well. Hardwax ensures coverage in difficult to reach areas and offers corrosion protection through the use of the rust inhibitors.

A wax based under body sealant for all types of vehicles and metal structures that forms a tough flexible barrier against corrosion causing elements. It combines the strongest chemical protection with a protective wax layer that will not crack, chip, drip, dry out, peel, bubble or flake. It protects against road salt, grit, dirt and other harmful substances.
Undercoating serves three basic purposes for the vehicle owner namely corrosion protection, insulation and cosmetic improvement. Hardwax’s special formulation ensures it stays durable and flexible, adapting perfectly to all underbody shapes protecting against stones, gravel and debris.

1) To delay the onset of corrosion on all underside surfaces which are open to watery impact and erosion due to vehicle motion.

2) To give greater pleasure of ownership and in due course increase the  resale value of the vehicle.

The entire underside and wheel arches

Application Method:
Through a spray a gun at about 5 bar (72.5 psi) pressure to give a fine spray and easy coverage of all components.

Any water present will be dispersed without reducing the efficiency of application.

Useful Life:
Due to its rare elasticity and absence of rubber-based compounds, applied material lasts the life of the vehicle unless abraded by major impact.

Super resilient wax based undercoat with rust inhibitors. Arrests existing corrosion and protects from further deterioration ensuring long life to your car’s structural integrity as compared to conventional PVC based treatment that are unable to arrest existing corrosion. Hardwax contains no tar-like ingredients that attack underbody coating (PVC) and rubber parts with a shorter life span.
Hardwax offers insulation benefits of two folds i.e. climatic insulation and sound insulation. Efficient use of both air conditioner and heater thus yielding a more comfortable vehicle environment.
Sound deadening benefit. Less driver fatigue due to road noise and heightened enjoyment of sound systems particularly premium stereo components.
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